To apply for CDPAP, please contact Tri-Med Staffing inc. and we will help enroll with Medicaid. Our expert Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) staff will visit your house to study your requirements and begin the enrollment process immediately after.
Although the enrollment process doesn’t take long, it sometimes depends on your long term care plan enrollment procedure.
Anyone you select can be your caregiver, as long as the individual is legally allowed to work in the United States. In addition, the individual must undergo a full physical examination with your doctor within 6-months.
Yes. Family members or parents of a child (over 21 years old) are eligible to assist you with your daily home care needs and can work as your caregivers.
No formal training is required for the selected individual to qualify as a caregiver. Any skill that would be required for this opportunity will be taught to the caregiver by the patients themselves.
You may hire as many as you want. However, you should have at least two caregivers – a primary assistant and a secondary one.
Tri-Med Staffing Inc. will pay your caregiver as per the payroll policy of the company. For more details, please call 347-727-7200.