Tips for Protecting Property and Personal Safety

  • Make an inventory. Give a copy of your inventory to your family or friend or insurance agent. If you have a loss, it will help establish proof of value for filing claims.
  • Everything should have a place known to you and should be kept in that place.
  • Make it evident that you are aware of your surroundings, what you have, and where those items belong through casual conversation.
  • Keep an inventory of your consumables. Also, keeping a mental inventory can help control purchasing.
  • Discuss phone use with your assistant at time of hire. Detail phone use while working and responsibilities for long distance bills. Check your bill for charges that are not recognized as yours. Make phone use part of your employment contract in order to avoid conflict.
  • Use extreme caution when allowing your employee to use your ATM card, credit card, or access to bank accounts. You as the employer do this at your own risk. When terminating an assistant change your pin numbers. Ask your assistant for receipts for any purchases and regularly count your change.
  • Use caution when giving your assistant use of your car. It is your responsibility to check with your auto insurance carrier for specifics on liability.
  • Upon termination of your employee make sure you get all keys back. If not, you may wish to change the locks on doors to your house.