Screening Applicants

The Initial Contact

Give a brief description of the duties of the position, amount of hours the job requires, and the amount and method of payment (payment through payroll vendor)

If the job includes bowel/ bladder care, medications, use of medical equipment.

If the applicant is interested, ask applicable questions and record the answers:

  • a. Will you give me your name, address and phone number?
  • b. What days and hours are you available to work? Dou you have any restraints on your schedule that I need to consider? Are there days you definitely cannot work?
  • c. Have you ever assisted or worked for a disabled or chronically ill person? (If yes) Tell me a little about the kinds of duties you performed.
  • d. Do you have reliable transportation?
  • e. Do you smoke?
  • f. Are you allergic to pets?
  • g. Are there personal hygiene tasks you object to performing?
  • h. Do you have medical restrictions that will prevent you from lifting, transferring, and positioning?
  • i. Do you cook and would you mind doing housework?
  • j. Do you object to me doing a criminal background check?

Tell the person you will call back to make an appointment for an interview (if you are interested in a face-to-face interview). Ask them to bring identification for filling out an I9 form and W-4

You may consider meeting at a “neutral” location outside the home for personal safety.

Even if the person is unsuitable for the job, always thank them for their interest. You may want to file their name and phone number to use in the future.