Training for Personal Assistant

The following is a list of suggestions that will help you in training your personal assistant:

  • Explain the nature of your ability or illness in as much detail as possible.
  • Conduct training sessions with your new assistant every day, covering one topic a day.
  • Review previously covered sessions regularly to ensure the assistant understands what you taught.
  • At the beginning of each training session, present a brief overview of what you will teach.
  • At the end of the session review what was taught in that session.
  • Be sure to emphasize safety precautions and what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Explain the proper use of any life support systems in detail.
  • Fully describe all procedures, such as transferring, in a step by step method.
  • Explain and limit use of technical words, ask for feedback to guarantee you are communicating effectively with your assistant. It may be helpful to have pre-written instructions to hand you your assistants.
  • Try to have a family member, former assistant, or a friend demonstrate proper methods of preforming procedures as you train your new assistant. Return demonstrations by your new assistant is an excellent way to judge understanding of procedures and any mistakes can be quickly corrected.