Personal safety

  • You have the right to receive personal assistance without being taken advantage of sexually, mentally, physically, or financially. You have the right to terminate exploitive or abusive relationships.
  • If you feel that the behavior an assistant is displaying towards you is inappropriate, talk to someone you can trust about the situation. It can help to get a second opinion of the situation and how to handle it.
  • Remember that criminals often enter through unlocked doors and windows. Keep your doors locked, especially at night. If it is a friend at the door, he/she won’t mind waiting for you or your assistant to open the door.
  • If you suspect someone is trying to get into your home, call 911. Even if you’re not sure, it is best to call. If it is an assistant or someone you know, but they are acting suspiciously, call the police.
  • Most sexual abuse happens with someone known to the person. Remember you have the right to say NO to any unwanted touch, whether it is a personal assistant, a romantic partner, or a family member.
  • If you receive an unwanted sexual touch from a personal assistant, be aware it is a violation of professional ethics, your rights, and the law. Report it as soon as you can to the police. For support, call your local rape crisis center and/or a personal counselor. Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe, terminate the relationship with your personal assistant.
  • Have friends, neighbors, and family handle things that you do not feel comfortable delegating to your assistant. (I.e. assistance with financial matters). Let your assistant know through casual conversation that your family and neighbors are watching out for you well-being.
  • In cases of child abuse call the police immediately. Call your local Hot Line Abuse if found in your area phone book. Call your vendor for further assistance.