Back-up Assistants

Back-Up or substitute assistants are persons you can call in the event that your regular assistant cannot work. Substitutes can be used when your attendant is on vacation, is ill, or quits without notice. It is highly suggested to keep a list of four or five back-up assistants to guarantee you get help when you need it. It is a good idea to advertise, screen, and file applicants at the start of care on the program for back-up positions.

You can find substitutes in several ways. Whichever method you choose, it helps to have a phone list of substitutes within reach in time of an emergency fill-in.

  • Perhaps the best method is to recruit and hire back-ups just as you would your “regular” assistant(s). Keep names and numbers of applicants as back-ups.
  • Friends, neighbors, and certain family member can be on stand-by for emergency situations.
  • Requesting that your assistant find his/her own replacement when unable to work could be helpful as well.
  • Hiring two assistants on a split schedule has worked for many individuals (i.e. one for weekdays, one for weekends and shared holidays)