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Tri-Med Staffing, Inc. makes enrolling in personalized homecare easy for individuals who want someone close to them to be their caregiver. Whether you want to have a friend, neighbor, or family member take care of you, or if you are interested in becoming a caregiver, Tri-Med Staffing can help you enroll in the CDPAP program.

Our insurance and CDPAP experts will make sure that the process of enrollment is easy, allowing you to get the care you need, fast. We have a wide network of patients which allows us to ensure that the pay rates for your personal assistant are as competitive as possible. We are here to guide you and your chosen caregiver through the CDPAP process to make sure that you have access to the personal homecare that you are entitled to with this exciting program.

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Frequently Asked Questions: CDPAP

Tri-Med Staffing is raising the bar for home health care services. We help patients and potential caregivers with every aspect of CDPAP program enrollment. Call us now at (347) 727-7200 to have all your questions answered!

To apply for CDPAP, please contact Tri-Med Staffing inc. and we will help you enroll with Medicaid. Our expert Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) staff will visit your house to study your requirements and begin the enrollment process immediately after.
Although the enrollment process doesn’t take long, it sometimes depends on your Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Plan (MLTC) enrollment procedure. You must be receiving Medicaid benefits, if you are not currently receiving benefits we can held determine your eligibility, and assist you with the process.
Anyone you select can be your caregiver, as long as the individual is legally allowed to work in the United States. In addition, the individual must undergo a full physical examination with your doctor within 6-months.
Yes. Family members or parents of a child (over 21 years old) are eligible to assist you with your daily home care needs and can work as your caregivers.
No formal training is required for the selected individual to qualify as a caregiver. Any skill that would be required for this opportunity will be taught to the caregiver by the patients themselves.
The number depends on the hours of care approved by your insurance. A minimum of 2 are required. Our experts will help you determine the right number of caregivers for you
You don’t need to worry at all about paying for your services. Tri-Med will ensure that your friend or loved one will get paid timely and correctly according to all state and federal requirements. Ask our staff for details

CDPAP Enrollment is Simple with Tri-Med Staffing!

TRIMED helps to simplify the process of CDPAP enrollment, so that you can get the care you need from a qualified, personal home caregiver soon as possible.


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Our team of professionals will help you determine your eligibility for the CDPAP program, and assist you with determining the best care plan.


Select a Caregiver

We will help whoever you choose to become your paid caregiver, be it your neighbor, friend, child, or other personal acquaintance.


Enroll in the CDPAP Program

Our CDPAP experts will make sure that the process of enrollment is streamlined from A-Z for you and your chosen caregiver. It is our goal to get you the care you need ASAP.

You Can Get Compensated To Take Care Of A Loved One

If you are interested in becoming a personal caregiver for someone you know or love, Medicaid will now compensate you! One of the best things about the CDPAP program is that you can now get competitive pay for helping your loved one age in the comfort of their own home.

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Boyfriend or Girlfriend



We are a Certified and Fully Licensed
CDPAP Agency in NY

Our team is comprised of the best CDPAP experts in the industry. We are registered members of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Assosiation of New York State. If you are looking for a CDPAP Agency in NY, TRIMED services Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk County. Tri-Med Staffing will make determining your eligibility, and enrollment in this program as easy as possible.

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